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Why not book a magician for a birthdays, anniversaries or party. Make your function exciting and memorable.


Spice up your event with a touch of magic and hire a magician to leave all your guests talking for a long time to come.


An experienced close-up entertainer and magician like Franklin knows how to make your wedding truly magical.


Why not hire a magician to help you improve your presentation skills and learn some close up magic at the same time. 

The Mind-Bending Magic Experience That Is Perfect For Every Occasion!

Whatever your event, allow Franklin to bring his mind-bending demonstrations up close and personal. This is one-on-one entertainment that happens right before your eyes - the show where everyone gets a front-row seat.

The skilful tricks of a magician give an audience clever and entertaining puzzles to solve. Franklin the mind magician takes a greater step, deep into the mind of his audience, by demonstrating something that seems miraculous, and nothing short of real mind reading. He appears to take control of how an individual thinks, using techniques including psychology, suggestion and subconscious influence.

If you want an entertainer that stands out, an entertainer who can give you and your guests more, much more, than they would expect from a magician doing card tricks, then Franklin the Mind Magician is the perfect choice, he will make your event even more special and even more memorable.

Franklin is always happy to give a free and personal demonstration with absolutely no obligation. You will not be disappointed. Please Click here to contact him.

To find out more about Franklin’s unique form of entertainment and booking him for your next event or function.  


Tel: 01132 677 190 or 0780 117 6362.

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