Corporate Entertainment

Absolutely captivating

The Mind Magician – trying to sell the idea to a corporate audience could be seen as a tough act… even for a magician! So, you might think, but Franklin has everyone captivated from the very start and mesmerised in disbelief throughout the whole show.

As the corporate organiser, having the praise for such a brilliant act bestowed upon him, I can only say…. a tough act – not for Franklin!!
Kind regards,
David Waterhouse
M.A.R.L.A. (Director)
ARLA Yorkshire Area Representative
Corporate entertainment that is refreshingly different.
Large corporate events

Large corporate event entertainment to suit everyone. Franklin has many years of experience he knows how to make your guests feel special and give them an event to remember. Combined with his exploration of the human mind and its possibilities, makes for an inclusive evening for all who attend your function.

Intermate corporate events

Whether you’re planning a small, intimate event for staff at head office or a full-scale gala evening in a glamorous venue, Franklin’s mind magic brings unique, one-on-one entertainment delighting and amazing guests throughout the evening.

Franklin presents a show unlike any other, featuring original concepts and ideas which push the boundaries of influence and persuasion. Your guests will embrace the possibilities that await them during his performance.

Franklin can provide a consultation on how to deliver your corporate entertainment.


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